You might have heard the talk on the streets of Vietnam, or spotted one of our flyers or posters in Ho Chi Minh City, but who are we?


Trails and Tales Tours represent a dramatic new approach to walking tours in Asia and Vietnam. Gone is the fear of falling asleep or being bored to death. Gone is the fear of failing to understand what the guide is waffling on about. Our tour is the most interesting tour of Ho Chi Minh City. It not only reveals to you the local landmarks, but the hidden gems, too.

Our guide is a native English speaker from the UK, who will share with you the history of the city through a captivating mixture of myth, fiction and non-fiction. Instead of rattling off dry facts, our guide has a unique way of blending history and storytelling which will keep you interested and entertained throughout your tour. You’ll even be taught a few Vietnamese phrases to help you get the best out of your stay.

Free? Come on, there is always a hidden cost!

There is no hidden cost. Trails and Tales Tours operate on tips – we receive no money from the government. We firmly believe that you, the customer, should decide what our tour is worth. If you enjoyed the experience, a tip will be gratefully accepted. If you didn’t enjoy it, you are under no obligation to pay. Our guides have been professionally trained and will never hassle you.

Do you do Private Tours?

Yes. If you don’t like rubbing elbows, or would simply prefer a private tour with your friends or family, then please contact us. We provide the best value for private tours in Ho Chi Minh City. For this you get our amazing guide for a whole three hours. We can also tailor the tour to your interests.

Private tours are subject to availability. Please contact us for more information.

What about group bookings?

For groups of ten or more people, please contact us with information of the date and number of people involved. Depending on availability, this may become a private tour.

Our Mission

  • To set the bench​mark of quality in the tours of Ho Chi Minh City
  • To provide travelers with professionally guided tours regardless of budget
  • To build long-lasting relationships with local communities and businesses
  • To be the first tour company offering free walking tours in Vietnam