Adam grew up in the city of Leeds, in the north of England. Eight years ago, he packed his bags and joined the love of his life in Saigon. A teacher by trade, Adam soon decided to combine his passion for sharing knowledge with his keen enthusiasm for history, and his wife’s local insights. Trails and Tales Tours was born.

For Adam, history is a living puzzle. Its corner pieces are the names, dates and places that can be found in any old book. Along the outside is the evidence that’s around us, from monuments and statues and spectacular architecture, all the way down to the streets we walk upon. Interesting as this is, it is at the puzzle’s core where we find the true history of a nation – the stories passed down from generation to generation, the accumulated knowledge, the traditions, the language, the folk heroes that have cautioned and inspired old and young alike… To truly know a place, one must know its people. To know a people, one must listen to them with an open heart and mind.

It is this blend of fact, myth and legend that Adam hopes to share with you.